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Our students come from a variety of ages and backgrounds, have a range of ability levels, and over the years we have had many students with additional needs (including Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and general health issues) and being inclusive is really important to us.

Ever since opening the school, it has been really important to our teachers to plan lessons that resonate with our students. We are an unusual school in that we tailor our lessons really closely to our students’ interests and what they are eager to learn next.

Becca is one of the friendliest ladies I’ve met. She doesn’t put any pressure on the children, at the same time gets results from them.

Rach, Mum of Everyman Class student

Our teachers make sure no one gets put on the spot, and we try to be as gentle as possible in bringing children out of their shell and building their confidence. Not putting pressure on our students is really central to how we teach. This all means that the atmosphere of our lessons and classes is always encouraging, non-competitive and has a community spirit.

We’re different because we know how it feels to be put under pressure to perform. We know how it feels to study with a critical teacher. We know what it feels like to be denied an opportunity to develop creative skills.

(My daughter) was feeling very often shy and even if loving dancing, singing and setting up shows for us at home, she would find it hard to speak in school shows or when being on the spot. In Becca’s classes she has found exactly what she needed, a place where she could learn, dance, play music, sing, remaining herself. Her self-confidence and self-esteem has grown quickly and in three months we could see it at school, at the Christmas performances both in school and at The Arella School.

Mum of Everyman & Phoenix Class students

We have regular performances, including one big end of year show involving the whole school. But we don’t make our students perform – all our shows and recitals are optional. We think that giving children a platform to express themselves creatively is much more important than holding a performance that goes perfectly.

Health & safety and child protection are of paramount importance to us at Arella. All of our staff and volunteers are DBS checked, and our staff have regular training in safeguarding and child protection.

One of our piano students performing in our End of Year show in 2018.

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